Join Us

As a non-profit organization, the IAC is staffed mostly by volunteers. Whilst some of the Academy’s students are able to be involved in the ongoing work of the organization by contributing in this manner, the Academy is keen to enable others to support its work in different ways.

The Membership Program is a tangible means by which individuals can contribute to and be more closely associated with the Academy’s endeavors. New members are always welcome and their support is warmly appreciated.

The IAC sustains itself through the delivery of courses, the sale of its publications and contributions from memberships. All income is reinvested in accordance with the goals and mission statement of the organization.

All members are automatic subscribers of the Journal of Consciousness. Members of the Academy receive a range of benefits and discounts consistent with the contributions they make. Below is a brief list of the membership categories. Please visit for more details or contact the IAC office closest to you. 

Associate Member

  • Automatic subscription to the Journal of Consciousness
  • Retake the Consciousness Development Program free-of-charge, as often as desired **
  • 10% Discount on publications


Basic Member

  • All benefits available to Associate Members plus:
  • Discount on the Consciousness Development Program course fees
  • Free admission to Bioenergy Workout and Bioenergies in Nature workshops
  • Special discounts on thematic courses
  • 10% Discount on laboratories
  • Access to IAC libraries *
  • Retake thematic courses with a 60% discount off the regular price **


Major Member *

  • All benefits available to Basic Members plus:
  • Attend monthly members’ meetings where special subjects suggested by the members themselves are discussed


Sponsor Member

  • The same benefits as available to Major Members
  • Sponsor Members are those who wish to make an extra contribution (at their own discretion) to further assist the IAC in its work


* Not available in all IAC offices

** Subject to availability of space

N.B. IAC Membership is nominal, carrying no voting rights in relation to the governance of the organization.