Referencing guidelines

The Journal of Consciousness (JofC) is committed to providing a forum for the unbiased publication and exchange of research and ideas associated with the study of consciousness (soul, spirit, personal essence) from a multidimensional perspective.  Articles published in the journal include writings that are scientific, philosophical, and biographical.  The JofC also includes book and film reviews, and personal accounts of parapsychic experiences, as well as technical articles related to personal change.

Manuscripts should preferably be submitted by e-mail to  Alternatively they can be submitted by post, accompanied by an electronic version of the file. Contributions should be related to conscientiological studies. Well-attested information will be gladly received from both organization members and independent researchers.

Contributions should preferably be sent by e-mail to in MS Word 6.0 or later (extension .doc). Alternatively they can be submitted by post, sending two double-spaced paper copies accompanied by an electronic version to:

Articles should be accompanied by the author's brief bio, as well as the author's mailing address, email address, and phone number(s). Papers are published on the understanding that they have not been published before and are not concurrently under offer to any other journal. If this is not the case, the author(s) must explicitly notify the JofC upon submitting the paper.

On publication four copies of the issue will be sent to the author. Joint authors will each receive four copies.

JofC Style: We suggest that authors consult the recent issues of the Journal to see how articles and other contributions are set out, references given, etc.