How to Submit Content

Submissions to the Journal of Consciousness

Contributions should be sent by e-mail to in Word (extension .doc or .rtf) and must be related to the JofC scope. Any well-attested information or substantiated, well-grounded theory will be gladly received, whether from members, independent researchers or researchers affiliated with other organizations.

Papers are published on the understanding that they have not been published before nor are concurrently under offer to any other journal. If this is not the case, the author(s) must explicitly notify the JofC at the time of submission.

It is strongly recommended that authors become familiar with the JofC’s stylistic rules before submitting.

Checklist (prior to sending manuscript)

Please ensure that all requirements on the following checklist have been met before submitting your manuscript:


The text meets the formatting and style requirements outlined in Stylistic Rules and in Guide to Authors. Authors are requested that these style guide pages are thoroughly acknowledged and incorporated, as appropriate.  

Note: It is also recommended that authors consult the recent issues of the Journal to see how articles and other contributions are set out.

Revision and conclusion

The manuscript is in its final form and has been properly revised for language correctness.

Previous publication

The manuscript has not been submitted to another journal nor publication for consideration nor been previously published in English, Spanish or Portuguese.  If this condition is not applicable, an explanation must be sent with the submission provided as to why the author believes the manuscript should be published in the JofC.

File type

The submission file as well as any tables, graphics and images is provided in editable text form.

Note: A PDF file format may also be sent if author intends to show any specific formatting detail; however, in this case, the author must state clearly when submitting which aspect of the formatting they are trying to call attention to and why.

Personal information

Biographies and full contact details are included according to JofC stylistic rules.

Submitting and publishing

When all of the requirements have been met, submit your article by email. The Editor will always confirm receipt of submitted content via email.  

Response time and follow-up

Authors usually receive acknowledgment of receipt within two weeks. Rejection notification is normally given within two months of submission.

If you do not receive a note stating the manuscript has not been accepted, your manuscript is then on the Peer-Review System list. After the peer-review process, if the editorial board sees there is need for editing from the author’s part, the author will be contacted.

Where there is no need for edits nor revision from the part of the author, the editorial board will continue preparing the text for publication. Accepted manuscripts can be edited for clarity, style, conciseness, and space requirements.

By summiting your paper, you assign to IAC / Journal of Consciousness the right to publish your article. In some cases, author may also be requested to sign an assignment of copyright authorizing the JofC to publish their manuscript.

On publication, author(s) of papers will normally receive up to three copies of the issue and author(s) of other contributions (book reviews, accounts, etc.) will receive one copy.