J ofC Team

The team involved in the editing, distribution and management of the Journal of Consciousness is:

  • Editor-in-Chief Analaura Trivellato
  • Associate Editor Luis Minero
  • Associate Editor in Brazil Waldson Dias
  • Consulting Editor Nanci Trivellato
  • Translations Project Manager Verónica Serrano
  • Distribution and stock coordination Rosalba Teodora Cordeiro
  • Exchange Program Manager Heloisa Chang
  • Indexing Manager Heloisa Chang
  • Layout and pre-press David Collura, Sonia Ferreira, and William Floriano
  • Electronic version management Alexandre Madurell
  • Panel of peer-reviewers and translators Formed by 48 members from 9 countries: Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and United States

JofC is a publication of the International Academy of Consciousness.

The IAC is an independent non-profit research organization. Articles appearing in this publication are the responsibility of the author(s), and inclusion herein does not constitute endorsement by, nor necessarily reflect the opinion of the Journal of Consciousness, the IAC or the editors.