Journal of Consciousness (JofC)


Board: The JofC is published by the International Academy of Consciousness and is staffed by a team of 58 multilingual volunteer editors, peer-reviewers, translators, revisers, officers and desktop publishers from nine countries (as of July 2013).  The main administrative sector of the JofC is headquartered in the IAC Campus in Portugal, while the editorial work is headquartered in London.  Other team members are positioned all over the world.


Purpose: The JofC is devoted to publishing articles related to the study of the consciousness and aims to deepen the understanding of its nature. It places central focus on the science of conscientiology, analyzing the consciousness by examining its attributes, manifestations, and energy from a multidimensional and multiexistential perspective. Such analyses include psi phenomena as instruments of research. The lucid out-of-body experience is a vital tool for research, leading to enhanced understanding of multidimensional manifestation and the evolutionary process. As a scientific organ, the JofC is committed to providing a forum for the unbiased publication and exchange of research findings and technical ideas associated with consciousness.


Membership: Individuals who are interested in the JofC may become members of the IAC. Contributions are annual and there are a few membership categories one can choose from. A subscription to the Journal is included with all memberships. Sustaining memberships are available to persons, corporations, or organizations who wish to support the JofC and IAC’s research and educational endeavors.