The Journal of Consciousness, formerly known as Journal of Conscientiology, serves as both an open forum for debate and an instrument for updating IAC members, the general public, and the scientific community on recent studies and theories in consciousness with a special focus on multidimensional consciousness science. The Journal consists of submissions contributed by researchers and members from all over the world.

The Journal is edited by IAC at its Research Campus in Portugal. The distribution is handled in the US by the IAC’s New York Office, in Brazil by the IAC’s Brazil Office, and in Europe and other continents by the IAC’s Campus Office.

The JofC is collected by psychical research organizations, specialized libraries, independent researchers, and other interested parties and individuals.

Previous editions are archived on JofC website, as well as in the IAC Library located at the IAC Research Campus. Back issues can be ordered if required.

The Journal welcomes submissions from both conscientiologists and non-conscientiology researchers. Contributions are encouraged from all schools of thought on subjects related to consciousness research. Submissions should be sent to


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No part of any contribution may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the JofC and the author of the article, except for the quotation of brief passages in criticism and discussion. The source of the quotation should always be mentioned.

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