Synchronicity and Karma: A Multidimensional Analysis

Author: Analaura Trivellato

Volume 18, Issue 59, Page 163 - July 2015

CitationCitation:TRIVELLATO, Analaura (2015). Synchronicity and Karma: A Multidimensional Analysis, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, January-June, Vol. 18, No. 59, p.163



ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the concept and the possible method of operation underlying synchronicity and karma phenomena. They are briefly analysed under psychology, physics, quantum physics and multidimensional viewpoints. The ideas developed assume consciousness is a non-local, non-physical agent, which possesses self-awareness, the capacity to affect matter and bioenergy, and to manifest itself in multiple dimensions. Under this paradigm, the author hypothesizes that synchronicity and karma have similar fundamental processes based on thosenic resonance. Therefore, it postulates synchronicity could be a manifestation of subtler dimensions interlacing the physical dimension, resulting from an occasional stronger resonance between physical and non-physical realities. It investigates whether karma could be studied scientifically and explores the mechanisms giving rise to it, leading to the proposal of the term thosenic reverberation: an external response resulting from thosenic resonance. Initial proposition to delineate characteristics of synchronistic events, non-synchronistic events and thosenic reverberation are presented.

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