Saúde Organizacional: Abordagem da Consciencioterapia Institucional

Author: Leonardo Paludeto

Volume 14, Issue 54S, Page 247 - November 2011

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CitationCitation:PALUDETO, Leonardo (2011). Saúde Organizacional: Abordagem da Consciencioterapia Institucional, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais do I Congresso Internacional de Empreendedorismo Evolutivo e III Jornada de Administração Conscienciológica, 11 a 13 de Novembro, Vol. 14, No. 54 Supplement, p.247



ABSTRACT: Health is created from constant evolutionary movements. When these movements are at a standstill, they result into anachronism. In order to create pro-evolutionary movements, it is necessary to identify the deepest causes and not the superficial ones. That is why the approach of Concientiotherapy aims to anatomize the thosenes in
a systemic context. The anatomy of the thosenic mechanisms reveals diagnoses and self-confrontation actions to promote more balanced and healthy flows. In this article the author proposes the use of the Conscientiotherapy methodology
in the institutional environment to promote organizational health. Based on his professional consulting experience
and the Institutional Conscientiotherapy interventions carried
out by OIC (International Organization of Conscientiotherapy), techniques and concepts for organizational health application are presented.

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