Empreendedor Evolutivo: O Exemplarismo de Hércules Galló

Author: Isabel Monfroi

Volume 14, Issue 54S, Page 187 - November 2011

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CitationCitation:MONFROI, Isabel (2011). Empreendedor Evolutivo: O Exemplarismo de Hércules Galló, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais do I Congresso Internacional de Empreendedorismo Evolutivo e III Jornada de Administração Conscienciológica, 11 a 13 de Novembro, Vol. 14, No. 54 Supplement, p.187



ABSTRACT: This article presents a literature and documentary review about the life and work of Hercules Galló (1869-1921), considering his evolutionary leadership, neophilic profile, entrepreneurship and vision as an Italian immigrant settled in northeast of Rio Grande do Sul in the late nineteenth and
early twentieth centuries. The article approaches the concept of the evolutionary entrepreneur in connection with Galló’s biography, his accomplishments and his exemplarism. It
also proposes a profileology with 31 attributes of the evolutionary entrepreneur.

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