Corriente Asistencial

Author: Eduardo Vicenzi

Volume 15, Issue 53, Page 19 - July 2012

CitationCitation:VICENZI, Eduardo (2012). Corriente Asistencial, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, July-December, Vol. 15, No. 53, p.19



ABSTRACT: In this paper the author proposes the concept of assistantial chain – the interconnection of mutual assistance between consciousnesses belonging to the same evolutionary group – and the implications for consciousnesses in general and for the most lucid, specifically related to the role to be played in this chain. It explores the intervenient factors, the corresponding effects on the assistants and assisted and the postures that are more suitable for the assistant to perform better. In this context, the author proposes a practical application of the binomial thankfulness-retribution as a way to motivate, to keep active and strengthening the engagement of the assistant and their tasks within the assistantial chain.

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