Intermissivist Friendship

Author: Anne-Catrin Vogt

Volume 15, Issue 53, Page 3 - July 2012

CitationCitation:VOGT, Anne-Catrin (2012). Intermissivist Friendship, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, July-December, Vol. 15, No. 53, p.3



ABSTRACT: In this article the author explains the concept of the intermissivist friendship, originated from a retrocognition related to the intermissive period and that occurred during a penta session, involving colleagues from the intermissive course. The motivation for the development of this subject comes from the awareness of the valuable resource that the intermissivist friendship represents in order to implement successful personal and group existential programs. This article also analyzes the benefits that facilitate and the obstacles to implement in the intraphysicality the intermissivist friendship, experienced during the intermissive period. In order to deepen, to maintain active and earn the most of this contribution, the author presents several techniques based on personal experience.

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