Reciclagens Grupais e Mudança de Patamar

Author: Marília Takimoto

Volume 13, Issue 50S, Page 125 - October 2010

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CitationCitation:TAKIMOTO, Marília (2010). Reciclagens Grupais e Mudança de Patamar, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais da VI Jornada de Saúde da Consciência e do IV Simpósio de Autoconsciencioterapia, 22 a 24 de Outubro, Vol. 13, No. 50 Supplement, p.125



ABSTRACT: The objective of this article is to approach, through the study of multidimensional group dynamics,
the difficulties in consciential interactions and inter-relations (personal and of groups) observing where we can take action to better qualify interpersonal development and widen the assistance level. We verify, through concepts obtained by
bibliographical review upon the subject and by the author’s experience in group Conscientiotherapy, that interferences in the communication process are important difficulty factors in group interaction, conflict generation and crises. It concludes that the consciousness is multidimensional
and, therefore, does not live isolated, lives in groups and needs to execute recycling (individual and in group). Conscientiotherapy and Self-conscientiotherapy are tools which contribute in renovation and changing of the evolutionary stage, making assistance more universalist.

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