Recin: Autoconsciencioterapia através da Reciclagem Somática

Author: Patrícia Ribeiro

Volume 13, Issue 50S, Page 109 - October 2010

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CitationCitation:RIBEIRO, Patrícia (2010). Recin: Autoconsciencioterapia através da Reciclagem Somática, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais da VI Jornada de Saúde da Consciência e do IV Simpósio de Autoconsciencioterapia, 22 a 24 de Outubro, Vol. 13, No. 50 Supplement, p.109



ABSTRACT: This paper is a report of author’s self-conscientiotherapy and aims to discuss Intraconsciential Recycling. Details the
steps of self-conscientiotherapy and focuses on self-overcoming stage. Presenting somatic recycling as subsidy for inner change it is developed
based on author’s personal experience with intraconsciential recycling and the somatic impact on its context. As a conclusion it finds that applied self-conscientiotherapy facilitates a deeper intraconsciential
change. Work stresses the importance of physical activity as support
for energy unblocking and change on the individual holothosene pattern.

Key words: self-conscientiotherapy, intraconsciential recycling, somatic recycling, inner change.

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