Estudo Teático da Astronomia como Ferramenta para o Abertismo Consciencial e a Recin

Author: Luziânia Medeiros

Volume 13, Issue 50S, Page 93 - October 2010

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CitationCitation:MEDEIROS, Luziânia (2010). Estudo Teático da Astronomia como Ferramenta para o Abertismo Consciencial e a Recin, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais da VI Jornada de Saúde da Consciência e do IV Simpósio de Autoconsciencioterapia, 22 a 24 de Outubro, Vol. 13, No. 50 Supplement, p.93



ABSTRACT: The article focuses on self-living of the theorice (theory and practice) of Astronomy and its evolutionary consequences, starting from the hypothesis that the contents of this science and astronomic observations associated to the consciential paradigm predispose the intraphysical consciousness to think big,
thus creating favorable conditions to consciential openness. The methodology used was self-experimentation and included the application of several Conscientiology techniques, cosmological resources and experiences in locales which can boost the living of consciential openness.
From these experiments it was possible to observe a widening of the personal world which produced practical results into
the author’s micro-universe, such as gratitude sense, elaboration of the personal Cosmoethics code and existential program responsibility. The effects obtained by a widened cosmovision have been improving the course and
perspective of life, promoting a deep recycling in the author. Key-words: Astronomy; Consciential openness; Cosmovision; Recycling.

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