Superando a Resistência de Sentir

Author: Anne-Catrin Vogt

Volume 13, Issue 50S, Page 59 - October 2010

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CitationCitation:VOGT, Anne-Catrin (2010). Superando a Resistência de Sentir, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais da VI Jornada de Saúde da Consciência e do IV Simpósio de Autoconsciencioterapia, 22 a 24 de Outubro, Vol. 13, No. 50 Supplement, p.59



ABSTRACT: Feeling the necessity of qualifying interconsciential relationships and assistantiality, the author has identified that the largest obstacles to achieve
this aim were repression of emotions and resistance in feeling.
This diagnosis was obtained applying suggested tools by conscientiotherapy along with the applications of techniques to improvement of lucidity, based on self-observation, recording, isolation and self-reflection whenever an emotion came up. The objective of this work is to expose the applied methods in the self-conscientiotherapic process aiming to qualify elevated feelings. Partial results revealed a significant increase in the capacity of feeling and diminishing of more pathological emotions. Thus, the author was able to value more the interconsciential interactions.

Key-words: Self-Conscientiotherapy; Emotional

Repression; Emotion-Feeling.

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