Reciclagem Intraconsciencial de Megatrafar Autocrata-Belicista: Um Relato Pessoal

Author: Amy Bello

Volume 13, Issue 50S, Page 11 - October 2010

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CitationCitation:BELLO, Amy (2010). Reciclagem Intraconsciencial de Megatrafar Autocrata-Belicista: Um Relato Pessoal, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, Anais da VI Jornada de Saúde da Consciência e do IV Simpósio de Autoconsciencioterapia, 22 a 24 de Outubro, Vol. 13, No. 50 Supplement, p.11



ABSTRACT: This self-conscientiotherapy article describes the personal experiences of the author during the intraconsciential recycling of the Autocrat-Bellicist mega weak trait, accomplished in the favorable environment of
the International Cosmoethic Conscientiological Community (ICCC). The recycling was conducted according to the methodologies of Self-research and Self-conscientiotherapy, and the article details four self-conscientiotherapy techniques developed to support the phases of self-confrontation and
self-overcoming. It concludes that the application of such techniques, with focus on the improvement of the personal code of Cosmoethics (PCC) and increase of interassistance, enabled a relative self-overcome of the mega weak trait in
a period of two years.

Keywords: Interconsciential Confrontation; Conscientiometry; Conscientiotherapy; Mega-weak-trait; Intraconsciential Recycling; Self-conscientiotherapy Techniques.

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