A Research Approach to the Vibrational State through the Study of Brain Activity

Author: Wagner Alegretti

Volume 11, Issue 42, Page 221 - October 2008

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CitationCitation:ALEGRETTI, Wagner (2008). A Research Approach to the Vibrational State through the Study of Brain Activity, Journal of Conscientiology, IAC - International Academy of Consciousness, October-December, Vol. 11, No. 42, p.221



ABSTRACT: Based on the science of Conscientiology, this work discourses about the methodological bases and the primary procedures for the analysis of the Vibrational State (VS) through direct observation of its neurophysiologic manifestation and holosomatic repercussions. The author offers a theoretical deepening, allowing extrapolations starting from the preliminary studies and hypotheses raised so far. Such research, that allows for replicability of its experiments, is based on the presumption that the installation of the VS produces somatic effects, namely in the central nervous system, possible of being detected through adequate technology (EEG and fMRI). This study aims to address the various points not yet answered about the VS, such as: the type of neurological involvement; the brain areas associated with the VS; the identification of
how and if the VS differs from other regimens of brain function; the existence [or not] of a pattern of brains waves characteristic of an individual in VS during the state of coincidence of the vehicles of manifestation; and the mechanism
of interface between energosoma-soma; among others.

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